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Carson Skjerdal Developer

Carson Skjerdal

Carson Skjerdal is the lead designer and developer for Something Else Labs. With years of development experience he delivers a professional product that is sure to bring in more business! Carson's abilities focus on Website Design, App Development, Graphic Design, and Marketing

Our Talents

Web Design

We design amazing websites for local businesses that get you noticed!

App Development

Years of training with Android & iOS, we can help you launch an amazing app.

Graphic Design

You can't have a great website without great graphics, ask us what we can do for you!


Our on site photographer helps us to bring a premium level quality to your product.

Our Portfolio

Stream Tech App


Streamline Technologies is a new startup that was looking for a strong mobile app development team to build their idea with both efficient and scalable designs. We sat down, worked on a solid concept, and build them one of the most useful apps in the Canadian Oilfield. We are still in active development with Streamline Technologies to improve the app as they move forward, plus we built them a great website to promote their app and reach out to new clients.
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Sistos Website Responsive

Sisto's Pub

Sisto's was looking for a website to help traveler's find their hidden Mission location and to promote their menu with an online up to date source. We created them a great looking site that tells their story, offers a Google maps feature, and displays their menu in a modern but impressive display style.
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Vortex Website Responsive

Vortex Plumbing & Heating

Vortex Plumbing & Heating had just launched their new business and requested a website that would allow them to be competitive in their area online. Using up-to-date SEO techniques Vortex Plumbing has a great site that supports a large portion of their clientele as well as contributed to them winning Business Of The Year in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.
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Am Oilfield Website Responsive

A.M. Oilfield Services

A.M. Oilfield Services had been very successful in Saskatchewan, but they lacked an internet presence. We worked with them to design one of the best looking websites in the oil industry. With their new site they are hoping to become the busiest company servicing oilfield needs in the southern Saskatchewan area.
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Pocket Deals App

Pocket Deals

Pocket Deals was looking for a company to give their app a fresh look, and to bring the project to a full release. We sat down and came up with a new design that brought this app up to date. Afterwards we dug in deep and fixed a wide assortment of bugs and features that would have left the app inoperable. Stayed tuned for their 2019 release!.
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Website Development Pricing

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Website Pricing Calculator

We pride ourselves in our ability to build incredible websites. To get a close estimate, we built a simple website development calculator. For more complex scenarios contact us directly!

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Mobile App Development Pricing

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App Pricing Calculator

Most developers don't wish to show your their rates without you contacting them. We are not like most development companies. We built an easy to use project calculator for mobile app development! This way you can get a ball park estimate of our rates.
Warning: May be considerably cheaper than other firms.

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